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How the Eye Photo Service Works

Using the MSO Diabetic Eye Photo Service

1. Referring the patient
note The primary doctor sends the patient with a referral note (preferred).
Appointments are not necessary - the patient may walk in during opening hours.
2. At Eye Photo - taking the photographs
cd Photographs of the central retinal fields are taken without prior pupil dilation and the images are given to the patient on postcard sized prints. This is free and patients do not need to pay. If photographs of reasonable quality cannot be obtained (owing to small pupils or media opacity), no prints will be given and the patient will be advised to see his or her doctor for further advice.
3. Reading the photographs
eye The patient brings the images back to the referring physician.
The physician interprets the images and advises the patient accordingly.
The physician may contact Eye Photo if he or she would like any help or clarification in reviewing the retinal photographs.